The Garden Farmer


What can I do for you?

I am available to work with individual households or groups, schools or businesses, to assist you in establishing your own fruit, vegetable and herb gardens. I can give information, advice and practical help so that you can produce seasonal food in a sustainable way. I can help you get the most from whatever space you have.

The services that I offer include:


  • Site and soil evaluation.
  • A tailored, hand drawn plot design with a calendar of jobs and recommendations for suitable varieties for your plot.
  • Digging new or existing beds.
  • Making raised beds.
  • Preparing new beds for planting/sowing.
  • Providing seedlings raised using certified organic compost and seeds.
  • Providing seeds to sow direct including onion, shallot and garlic sets, and seed potatoes.
  • A weekly (or other frequency) weeding and maintenance visit.
  • Providing useful materials such as mulch mats, horticultural fleece and protective netting.
  • Watering plants during holidays or other absences.
  • Making compost boxes/heaps.
  • Erecting rabbit proof fencing.
  • Making wildlife friendly ponds - from digging to planting.
  • Tree and fruit bush planting. I can recommend and provide trees and bushes if required.
  • Fruit tree pruning. Formative, restorative or formal training.
  • Herb garden design and planting.
  • Erecting greenhouses, polytunnels, cloches, and coldframes.
  • Providing and installing irrigation systems. I use a porous pipe which provides trickle irrigation. It's made from recycled tyres (in Lancashire) and provides gentle and precise watering above or below the ground and uses less than 50% of the water used by conventional methods. This type of irrigation is exempt from the hosepipe ban which is sometimes in force in Eastern England.

How does it work?

Some customers choose to work alongside me, thereby gaining skills and knowledge (eg. fruit tree pruning) that they will be able to apply themselves in future years.

Some customers ask me just to do the heavier work (digging, greenhouse erection etc.) so that they can continue to grow vegetables themselves.

Some customers ask me to do all the work, leaving them to harvest and enjoy the produce as it is ready.

Whatever your ideas for your plot, please contact me for a free, no obligation visit to discuss them. Following my visit I can send you a written estimate for any work that you would like doing.